Riccetti Leather


Riccetti offers custom leather wallets, belts, bags, costume masks, and more. This logo is based on the origin of the Riccetti name which has its roots in the Italian “riccio” meaning “hedgehog.”

Radical Action for Democracy


Radical Action for Democracy (RAD) is a progressive, grassroots organization who’s current missing is to create a power map of Portland politicians.

Tech Activist Guild


The Tech Activist Guild is a rotating collective of designers and developers who volunteer their services to grassroots organizations in order to promote social justice.

Song Team


Song Team is songwriting community in which musicians and novices are asked to submit songs within a series of constraints. Song Team aims to help song writers and creatives break through writers block.

Tailored Dissent


Tailored Dissent is a feminist and social justice themed apparel and accessory company. Their collection of bold designs called for a logo just as unapologetic.

Portland Metro People’s Coalition


PPC is a grassroots organization which aims to create a nurturing environment that its citizens can be proud to call home. They are currently working on their People’s Bill of Rights.

(These logos were proposed as part of an upcoming rebrand)